Special Delivery Mailbox Enclosure Card

Mailbox Enclosure Card
Mailbox Enclosure Card
Item# GC05

Product Description

LuRay Vintage Gift Enclosure

We acquired this wonderful box set of Vintage Enclosures recently and immediately knew they were a Must for our Collection. The Enclosures are embellished with the perfect hand tied silk bows, just like the original. Another detail is the French fold which means the cards are quarter folded which you just don't see any more. In the collection of 8 Enclosures, they are all non specific, so they lend themselves for any occasion! All of the sentiments are as precious as can be....we're certain you'll agree. What a perfect little gift card to send along with a handkerchief!

Mailbox Card is messaged as.... "This is for You, This brings you a wish for the very Best"